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Our Story: The Making of lovasté

What will you have left behind or be known for when you are no longer here? That was the question I was grappling with in late fall of 2015. Sitting in my home office, between unwritten words and a universe of possibility this question was both existential and ridiculous. Why would I even need to be thinking about something so grave but spiritually important?

I consider myself to be an artist. A writer. One who finds great meaning in written expression. There is not a day that goes by that I am not writing something, sharing something, thinking deeply about beautiful little things (to me at least). Trying to make sense of my surroundings. Hence the simple and complex prompt to myself.

For years I signed off my Instagram posts with "love & light" and the occasional "namaste", a way of sending positive vibes out into the virtual hemispheres. I could claim neither. Both signatures significant but not my own.

Something clicked.

lovasté came to me. A blend of love and honor, a combination of love and namaste. An affirmation. A mantra. Namaste is derived from the Indian tradition that loosely translates to mean "the divine in me honors the divine in you", an honoring piece that was introduced and taught to me at the young age of 15 through a rites of passage process. Those that practice yoga embed it into their practice. I embed it to acknowledge myself and others.

Love is central to everything. It is revolutionary. A cure to social ills if we just let it in. This is why I needed to leave behind this reminder.

By breathing in and breathing out the word lovasté you are saying:

"the lover in me honors the lover in you."

lovasté is a call to action.

Once the call came I had to share it and ever since it has been embraced and embedded by lovers, practitioners, beautiful souls from all around the world.

lovasté is a pledge to treat one's self and others with utmost care and consideration.

If you find yourself using lovasté along life's path, please let us know. We would love to know how you are using it and how it may be helping you (unauthorized use in promotional materials, apparel , services or business endeavors is prohibited). As we venture and share we hope you stay with us as we work to become stronger and healthier within ourselves and for one another.


Adrian Michael Green and Chanel Green live in the San Fransisco Bay Area in Northern California with their beautiful son Marley and his fur brother Hendrix.


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