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3 tips to keep you going when feeling stuck.

and 10 signs to look for.

in the conversations i have been having lately there is a common thread: frustration. and under that frustration is this feeling of being stuck. stuck in a job. stuck in a relationship. stuck in this pandemic new normal. stuck in a routine that is joyless. stuck in old ways that are limiting and confining.

whatever the stuckness there is also a sense of sadness and directionlessness that provides no answer. provides no solace. provides no comfort.

people are looking for something deeper. something fulfilling. something meaningful.

sometimes that can be found right where they are. sometimes that can't be found where they are. if you are reading this maybe you're on either end of that spectrum or unclear about what you're in search of. or you know someone you're aiming to support. know that everyone at some point in their lives goes through this. recognizing the signs helps make a difference.

10 signs that you're stuck.

feeling like what you do doesn't matter.

no interest or excitement about what you're doing.

nothing is going your way.

fear of trying something new.

constantly questioning yourself.

holding on to how things used to be.

difficulty concentrating on one task at a time.

positivity is hard to see or come by.

complaining becomes your natural go-to.

moving from feelings to action seems hopeless.

3 tips to keep you going when feeling stuck.

set one small goal for yourself. don't overthink this one. don't try to create a massive list because you already have several. every single day decide what is one small goal you have for yourself that if you can check that box you will feel accomplished or productive or simply okay because at least one thing you put your heart on got done. this goal can be a task or this goal can be a feeling. you decide.

when i set a goal there is an intention to do something even if i don't want to do it. even if i feel like doing nothing. no goal. no direction. no direction. no traction. no traction. no energy. no energy. no momentum. no momentum. no anything. and no anything just repeats the cycle.

practice a habit of looking for one good thing . there is always one good thing. one good thing that is happening. one good thing that you can do. for yourself. for someone else. more times than not the doing of one good thing for someone else can get you to see and breathe in a fresh perspective. that one good thing can inspire you with an insight you couldn't sight. the bare minimum the goodness you gift to someone else gets your mind off of you and into connecting parts of you that have become disconnected from others.

practicing one good thing lends me the opportunity to get out of my head and into my giving heart. it has me ask myself: what is one good thing i can do right now for someone and not expect anything in return. what is one good thing that has gotten me one millimeter closer to the one small goal i set. what is one good thing i'm missing because i've convinced myself nothing )absolutely nothing( is going my way. doing this daily lifts my spirit.

ask one question. any question. there is no right or perfect or wrong question. the answer doesn't really matter either because there is no perfect answer. only possibilities. you might be in a space where you don't want to ask a question so you don't look smart or look weak. there is so much perception happening that your ego is strongly requesting that you not put a dent in it. but you're not weak or less smart for your inquiring. you're becoming smarter by dusting off the dust and seeing more color where you once saw just black or white or grey.

the beauty behind asking one question is letting go of judgment. from yourself. from others. because you don't know what you don't know. and even if you think you have the answer already you can receive vital feedback whether you're asking it to yourself or someone else. and then ask another that leads to another.


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