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intentions for january and how to connect each one to something deeper.

with four questions to ask each intention you set.

with every passing year there is hype around setting resolutions. 80 percent of resolutions just stay stagnant or fizzle out. so instead of seeing them as resolutions perhaps reimagine them as goals and intentions you strive to manifest and make reality by linking each one to something deeper. by anchoring intentions they become daily reminders instead of feel-good sticky notes that don't stick.

what has helped me has been the practice of writing down intentions each month. intentions according to deepak chopra are the starting points of every dream. creative powers that fulfill all of our needs. whether for money. relationships. spiritual awakening. or love.

of course i have big ambitions and desires for 2022 but it's more beneficial for me to incrementally reach them by working backwards. perhaps the backwards planning technique learned during my teacher training anchored that one home. you set a big goal and then ask yourself what do you need to get there. what skills are required. what steps need to get done.

one thing i must add to the backwards planning tool is a bigger question. why. wondering why. asking why the goal is important. what purpose does it serve. reflecting on if it should even be up there and if that is my goal or someone else's goal for me or someone else's goal i am taking on for myself. it's about self-determination and actually intending to water my intentions. and then backwards planning and breaking them down to smaller pieces.

breaking them down to smaller pieces allows them to be more manageable. more reasonable. more foreseeable. to see the parts that make up the greater whole. part of this chunking can be done monthly. then daily. then hourly. then right nowly.

if thinking broad is best for you then do that. just be sure to be specific on how you plan to get there.

the following are four more questions to ask each intention to see if they pass for being something deeper and meaningful. to last. to inspire. to ignite.

is it aligned with my values. value centered intentions have a greater chance of lasting and withstanding the burnout and fatigue of new year's resolutions )goals and intentions( because values drive us in our day to day and help shape our reasons and priorities. values determine what we vote for what we fund what we fight for what we care about. if you can't link your intentions to a value just keep asking yourself why do i want this. why do i need this.

is it useful. useful intentions are those that have a positive impact on yourself and those around you. it says: doing this will enhance and elevate and grow my life. if you can't find that your intentions are useful set them aside and look for others.

is it honest. honest intentions are those that you really want. those that deep down you really want to do and have happen. not just aspirationally. ones you know that if you don't do you'll feel directionless and regretful. honest intentions pass the first thought rule. that means the response your inner voice tells you immediately after you ask it. if you really want something you'll not just put it there in word but you'll put all your action behind it to see it through. if it isn't honest get curious about why that is.

is it loving. loving intentions keep in mind overall wellbeing and mental health. it says: doing this will bring more than joy. doing this will bring more than peace. doing this will bring a loving peace despite what's out of my control. loving intentions bring you to center when you feel margined. loving intentions bring what matters most closer to your heart. if it isn't loving don't go near it.

may your intentions become beautiful dreams realized.


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