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"the lover in me 
honors the lover in you."



spreading love since 2015.

founded by adrian michael.

reminders. mantras. mirrors. reflections. actions. affirmations.

lovasté is an inhaler. a practice.

to meet you where you are and greet you like the wonder you are. see you live the vision you are. push you to become the best version that's been waiting for you. whether it's a book we publish or a clothing line we rock or a workshop we host this is about you. for you. to better you. to better us. welcome home. welcome home. 

lovasté is a holistic health and wellness company committed to personal and inter-personal development.


as a company and lifestyle brand, we strive for lovasté to serve as a daily practice and reminder to love one's self and others.

the word "lovasté" was created in 2015 by poet and founder, adrian michael. it is a mantra, an affirmation, that translates to mean "the lover in me honors the lover in you." it is a call to action. a pledge to always return to love.

lovasté ™ is owned by adrian michael and his wife chanel green.

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