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lovasté logo that translates to mean "the lover in me honors the lover in you."


looking for meaningful programming?

learn about boundaries, burnout,

effective ways to communicate and so much more.

seeking a dynamic speaker and facilitator for an upcoming conference or program?

whether it's for students, parents, educators or adult learners, it's

an honor to be in space with you.

looking for mentorship?

check out this great opportunity

to better yourself through

meaningful guidance.

want to get to know the author?

hour-long engagement with

adrian michael about books.

about life. about love.

interested in being a better communicator?

learn effective ways to express

yourself no matter how easy

or challenging the situation is.

wanting a space to just write?

book a one-hour writing session guided by adrian michael to write and let your words flow.

feeling stuck?

hands-on activities to help put things into perspective and get a practical framework to practice.

craving a guided journal experience?

once-a-month conversations using you can vent here. as prompts and

lessons for deeper reflection.

need tips to support your wellbeing?

walk away with culturally competent ways to prioritize

your mental health.

needing to do a boundary audit?

join this interactive experience

to learn about the healthy and unhealthy boundaries in your life.

not finding what you are looking for?

submit a request.

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