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if you're looking for motivational and meaningful mentoring, we are currently offering 30 minute and 60 minute sessions to provide guidance and support to help you along your path. note that these sessions are not a replacement for therapy.


schedule a complimentary intro call to learn more or book your session now. inquire about mentoring rates.

about the program.

meet once or multiple times a month

for anyone who wants to learn and unlearn

everyone deserves a mentor. someone to turn to at any time to get unbiased feedback and guidance. someone who listens attentively and gives space to be seen and heard. our mentoring program exists to equip mentees with the tools they already have within themselves, be a sounding board for their ambitions and to anchor their why. 


increased confidence in your own abilities

walk away with practical skills to do what you say you are going to do

identify internal and external barriers of your definition of success

an accountability partner to re-visit life goals and become a better version of yourself

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adrian michael



originally from colorado now living in california, i have experienced a multitude of worlds including but not limited to education, business, diversity, equity, inclusion, purpose, belonging, mental health, social-emotional learning and design thinking. i know how to create safe spaces, facilitate and provide effective ways to have difficult conversations.




john coltrane put it best. he said: my goal is to uplift people as much as i can. to inspire them to realize more of their capacities for leading meaningful lives. because there certainly is meaning to life. my purpose is to help others find meaning and purposebe a thoughtful and engaged husband and father, and to spread love.

mentoring areas of expertise aka super powers.

+ how to navigate healthy relationships

+ how to set boundaries and maintain them

+ how to have effective conversations across difference

+ how to discover who you are and where you want to go and grow

+ how to self-publish and build a meaningful network

+ how to start your own business

+ how to hold space so that those you work with feel seen and heard

+ how to hold yourself accountable in pursuit of your goals 

thoughts on mentorship:

i don't think you can just call yourself a mentor. someone must call you into that space and role to be able to consider you a mentor. their mentor. a mentor then has the responsibility to not project their own stuff onto them but to pose relevant questions and suggest rather than prescribe. i have had and still have informal mentors in my life who give wisdom and insight when i can't see what i am looking at. i do not take mentorship lightly. 



trust yourself and hold yourself accountable for the goals you set and be encouraged + held accountable along the way.


explore new ways of thinking and doing in a safe + brave space that provides practical tools to use on a daily basis.


put a mirror up to yourself to critically think and be honest with yourself to find patterns that barricade and block you.


push yourself to follow through in the discovery of who you are + who you are meant to be by being the best version of you.

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sample session

what some mentees are saying


Nancy G Velasquez

Maryland, USA

I was in a low place in my life and going through a heavy, but very healing awakening… and so I just knew that his mentorship program would help me in my healing journey, and I was completely right!


Through workshops and mentoring sessions, Adrian Michael helped me rediscover my voice, see my own light and find my passion for writing again. He helped me in my healing which I don’t think I ever told him this. (Thank you, Adrian Michael, from the bottom of my heart) You have helped me in more ways than one.

To know Adrian Michael is to love him honestly. He is a genuine, honest, kind person.
He is a bright light in every sense. Grateful to have him as a mentor I can learn from.

DanaPic logo.jpeg

Dana P.


His mentoring sessions provided insight into my creative works.  I am glad to have had sessions on vulnerability, effective communication, identifying my communication style and doing his suggested challenges in-between our time together as a deep dive into my own comfort in expressing my personality which was helpful in understanding outside pressures of conformity in my writing. 


Adrian Michael, thank you for having an answer to each scenario and for leaning into the spaces I did not realize needed transparency in expression.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 12.37.06 PM.png

Jessamyn Sara

Arizona, USA

I sought out mentorship with adrian michael because of how much I admire and appreciate the way he shows up as an author and presence in the world. I was really looking to better learn from a prolific writer about consistency and creating a system of writing that felt authentic and honest to me. Working with adrian michael in this capacity has proven to be beneficial in helping me work toward my first self-publication. His mentorship sessions are full of experiential wisdom, grounded presence, intuition and active listening skills that help create an environment where I can easily tap into my motivation and truth. adrian michael offers solid practices that have helped me explore and identify my reasons for writing which have strengthened my desire to show up as a more committed accomplice to my craft. He has a natural way of creating connection in every session and has an insightful pulse on the energy alive in the moment. Working with adrian michael has offered me resources not only on the practical level of book writing but also on the level of consciousness where I am learning to reframe my understanding of what it means to show up and express my truth. I am grateful for the ways adrian michael helps me to feel seen, heard and more aligned with my visions. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.45.27 PM.png

Donnie Miller

Colorado, USA

Adrian Michael’s mentoring has quite literally been one of the best things to have happened to me. I have known Adrian for years but just recently been blessed enough to work one on one with him to help me achieve what I want to achieve in this crazy world. His approach is very comforting and allows for you to truly dive deep into what needs to be discussed that day. One of the biggest takeaways from working together so far would have to be that I have been keeping up with a gratitude journal & it has allowed me to re-center and re-focus many times to what is important in life. It’s very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, I am very happy & very grateful to have Adrian Michael help guide me in those times that get a bit too loud. 


Celeste Frenette

Toronto, Canada

I feel incredibly blessed to have been mentored by Adrian Michael. In our first session, I shared my biggest book dreams with him, and he held my hand and aspiring-author heart as I navigated the steps to publish my first book. Without his support and accountability, my book dreams would still be inside me. He guided me through self-publishing and reminded me to trust myself and keep going. He was a wealth of wisdom and generously shared his experience with me. I am forever grateful. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Adrian Michael, to read his work or to sit in a room where he is speaking - run to sign up, and he will change your life just as he has changed mine.


to schedule - book a session here and coordinate a time in a follow up message

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