if you looking for motivational and meaningful mentoring, we are currently offering 30-60 minute sessions to provide guidance and support to help you along your path. note that these sessions are not a replacement for therapy. if you are interested in mentoring

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adrian michael


8 mentees

currently accepting: 10


originally from colorado now living in california, i have experienced a multitude of worlds including but not limited to education, business, diversity, equity, inclusion, purpose, belonging, mental health, social-emotional learning and design thinking. i know how to create safe spaces, facilitate and provide effective ways to have difficult conversations.




john coltrane put it best. he said: my goal is to uplift people as much as i can. to inspire them to realize more of their capacities for leading meaningful lives. because there certainly is meaning to life. my purpose is to help others find meaning and purposebe a thoughtful and engaged husband and father, and to spread love.

mentoring areas of expertise aka super powers.

+ how to navigate healthy relationships

+ how to have effective conversations across difference

+ how to discover who you are and where you want to go and grow

+ how to self-publish and build a meaningful network

+ how to hold space so that those you work with feel seen and heard

+ how to hold yourself accountable in pursuit of your goals 

thoughts on mentorship:

i don't think you can just call yourself a mentor. someone must call you into that space and role to be able to consider you a mentor. their mentor. a mentor then has the responsibility to not project their own stuff onto them but to pose relevant questions and suggest rather than prescribe. i have had and still have informal mentors in my life who give wisdom and insight when i can't see what i am looking at. i do not take mentorship lightly.