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four requests for june.

benchmarking the last six months and the next.

in the last six months you've witnessed and experienced highs and lows of the human condition. you can expect the same in the next.

all around you it feels as if normalcy has reared its head into the days that all at once blended together and no day felt separate from the other. and although current bright spots outweigh dark moments it seems the shadows eclipse the light.

there will always be challenge and that challenge must be met. not with doubt but with conviction and strategy. it's just that most times you feel ill equipped and unprepared and don't know where to begin. here's the thing: in the last six months you've readied for the next six that follow. of course that is no where written in record but the log of you bears witness to the deep courage you have couraged and you've arrived where you are in the here. in the now.

you may not be able to see beyond this instance given what you're having to carry unexpectedly due to the choices of others but what is in your control is this: how you continue. how you treat. how you live. how you love. and those choices )those intentional choices( are the difference. is the point. is the practice.

so reference the beginning intentions (jan feb march april may) and the ones you have set for yourself as mirror and reminder. create a new line for this new chapter or simply select a previous agreement you set yourself and focus on that these next 30 and then some.

maybe start here.

what does june represent for you.

what does june ignite within you.

let those first few thoughts that presented themselves be the first lines written.

a push. a nudge. a call.

adapted from 2020, love hopes for you. III

for some the month of june is a marker of change. a tipping point. an invitation that brings with it tempered enthusiasm as either real or false hope. there was such global rallying around the tragic death of george floyd in 2020 and the question remains has that energy faded into the background.

june celebrates lgbtq+ pride. happy pride.

june celebrates juneteenth. happy juneteenth.

june celebrates father's. happy father's day.

whatever your social mission or your cause or your purpose may one of your intentions always include those of being a good person to all.

so as you curate your list of intentions use these four questions to help determine and anchor them to something deeper. try your best not to compare yourself to your past or future self. and keep doing what you know is right in your heart. bank those as two of your intentions this month. xo.


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