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6 ways to celebrate martin luther king day.

we have come a long way but there is so much more to do. always more to spread love.

see it as a day on and not a day off. use this time to reflect on his life and legacy and what you are doing to carry a torch. easy to forget but we cannot forget that he was assassinated 54 years ago. carve out time to have conversations with students with friends with family. to honor someone who lost their life for a cause for social justice means you must recall and respond.

listen and read one of his less known speeches. everyone knows his famous i have a dream speech. go deeper. go into the archives and find other remarks like, a time to break the silence or the other america. look up why there even was a march on washington.

research other civil rights leaders. work is never done alone. and the work is made possible by those who came before. uncover other profound voices and trailblazers who lit a fire into the soul of this nation. voices like rosa parks. ella baker. fannie lou hamer. bayard rustin. dr. vincent harding. shirley chosholm. lorraine hansberry. carter g. woodson. julian bond. megar evers. ruby bridges. to name a few. many others. so many others.

attend a marade. one of the largest gatherings in dr. king's honor was established in denver, co. since 1986 by former colorado lawmaker wilma webb. a marade is the combination of a march and a parade. symbolic of a coming together for a serious matter and celebrating who we are and how far we have come. typically held in the morning starting with speeches and prayers ending with calls to action at the civic center.

support black owned businesses. patron your favorite local businesses with an emphasis on spending money on goods and services by african-americans. not only does it help boost the economy but it aids in the closing of the racial wealth gap, creates job opportunities, and keeps their business going. buy black always and if your local shop doesn't carry black products ask them why.

visit/support local cultural centers and districts. whether you step inside the space or donate money you should know about the cultural centers that foster community and sponsor programs to not only educate but also serve as safe places for people to gather. most cultural districts don art and host profound events. attend them. learn about them. see how you can support.


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