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for when you or your person need a mix of modern and classic verses to sync in. this kit provides a colorful loving pallet to mirror and hold givers reminding them of a universal truth: they are more than enough + love and healing hopes for them.


mailed in a beautiful purple matte coruggated mailer box to keep words and keepsakes fresh for years to come.


bundle includes six signed books:

beloved. you're enough. + love hopes for you. II + III + giver. II + III + you deserve full love.


book descriptions:

love hopes for you.


155 lessons. to hold you. to push you. to remind you. to heal you. words for a time of deep reflection through the lens of love. speaking love. being love. feeling love. giving love. to self. to others. to others. love hopes for you. a calling into. an open invitation. to breathe in. and breathe in again.


179 pages.



beautifully designed and bound book filled with loving words. poems. reminders. soul roses. for givers. for you. to breathe in and breathe in some more.


giver. n.

1) a selfless soul unwilling to limit their love and heart; 2) one who lets out and lets in emotions unconditionally, freely; 3) an unrequited human who surrenders all that is available to them in the name of love; 4) soul for giveness; 5) purposeful lover always in a state of thinking about what others need; 6) a reacher, longing, seeking connection.


177 pages.


beloved. you're enough.




all 155 addressed to you. for you. to see you as you are. no filters needed. no expectations on you except for you to be you. for you to deeply know this knowing. that this moment and the previous moment and the one that just momented understands you. loves you. mirrors you even when you don't want to or can't or won't look at your reflection.

allow these notes to find you and fill you when you feel everything and nothing. when you're at the top or bottom or somewhere in-between. when re-calibrating and you just want to sit in your own peace in your own grace in your own company and be.

add this to your soundtrack. your heartlist. your playlist. and listen to the beautiful harmonies and melodies and sync and sink into the sonic energy of this loving mantra dedicated to you: beloved. you're enough.

this is adrian michael's 22nd book.


177 pages


you deserve full love.


155 lessons to take with you on your inward journey to self acceptance and self discovery. to lean onto when looking deep within love. to encourage you when feeling hopeless and discouraged. to see you when you feel unseen. full love. is filled with beautiful reminders of the power within you to stoke the lover in you that requires more of you. it asks you to turn to you in moments easiest to call others out and instead gently invites you to call yourself in. this collection offers words for those healing. grieving. hurting. wondering. wanting. waiting. learning. unlearning. breathing. joying. loving. for those looking for lessons in storms and holding space for what you find. full love. isn't afraid of examining blindspots and will help you define and re-define the relationships you water and give your sunlight to. you deserve full love. is adrian michael's 20th self-published book.


"whatever page you are on in your life i hope you find resolve and strength in yourself. and keep striking matches that keep you warm. i hope a line or a feeling in this volume sparks your heart and reminds you how loved you are. how powerful you are. how capable you are. to light paths that seem dark. to heal you when you need healing. to encourage you when you need encouraging. to better you and the relationships you water. to see you when you feel unseen. you deserve full love beloved. always. always. always." @xo.adrianmichael


177 pages

the beloved box


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