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Expressing yourself is one of the most vulnerable things you could ever do... A blinking cursor can be daunting. It is the barrier between intent and action, thought and expression. To move his cursor, Adrian Michael wrote down and photographed words and images that meant something to him. The Blinking Cursor Series gives insight to the present and future, unveiling raw emotion with the intent to share a story that is still being written. Adrian Michael is a native of Denver, CO. He began writing when he was exposed to talented poets and storytellers at his father’s cultural center at the age of 10. Great writers such as Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Sonia Sanchez, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and other influential African-American writer’s known and unknown, have influenced Adrian in his attempts at producing creative works. Blinking Cursor is his second book. If you have ever wanted to express yourself but could not find the words to convey your message, then this book is for you.

[signed copy] blinking cursor

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