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you deserve full love.


155 lessons to take with you on your inward journey to self acceptance and self discovery. to lean onto when looking deep within love. to encourage you when feeling hopeless and discouraged. to see you when you feel unseen. full love. is filled with beautiful reminders of the power within you to stoke the lover in you that requires more of you. it asks you to turn to you in moments easiest to call others out and instead gently invites you to call yourself in. this collection offers words for those healing. grieving. hurting. wondering. wanting. waiting. learning. unlearning. breathing. joying. loving. for those looking for lessons in storms and holding space for what you find. full love. isn't afraid of examining blindspots and will help you define and re-define the relationships you water and give your sunlight to. you deserve full love. is adrian michael's 20th self-published book.


"whatever page you are on in your life i hope you find resolve and strength in yourself. and keep striking matches that keep you warm. i hope a line or a feeling in this volume sparks your heart and reminds you how loved you are. how powerful you are. how capable you are. to light paths that seem dark. to heal you when you need healing. to encourage you when you need encouraging. to better you and the relationships you water. to see you when you feel unseen. you deserve full love beloved. always. always. always." @xo.adrianmichael


177 pages

[signed copy] you deserve full love.


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