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if you're looking for a meaningful, special, and beautiful way to celebrate yourself or someone you love - getting a personalized commissioned written piece is the way to go. gifts just because, vows, birthdays, wedding celebrations, graduations, and anything in-between always serve as a great time to acknowledge how you feel + remind the person you are recognizing that they are loved.

how it works.

decide what kind of piece you want

witness your person light up when they receive their gift

everyone deserves to be seen. you may not always have the right words or know what to say but when it comes from the heart it will be felt. sometimes you just need a little guidance and support to express yourself. sometimes a card from a local shop isn't enough. we commit to working with you so what you have will be remembered for a lifetime. expect 3-5 week turnaround time for final piece to be completed.

what's included.

one-on-one call with adrian michael to share more about you / your person

opportunity to provide feedback on the draft piece before it is finalized

digital and/or printed signed copy by adrian michael

audio recording of the piece read by adrian michael + highlight video of the 1:1 call (s)

flower deck

for you

let adrian michael do the writing for you and get a finished piece that is sure to make your beloved feel complete.

with you

get direct feedback on what you want to say with 1:1 virtual sessions with adrian michael to help you write your vows.

by you

you may want adrian michael at your special occasion to read a piece especially made for you or even lead the ceremony.

for you - rates

to commission - click on a level (e.g. level 3) and find a time and date that works for you to set up the 1:1 call

if only interested in a digital piece click here.

for you

with you - rates

with you

to commission - click on a level (e.g. level 3) and find a time and date that works for you

by you - rates

to commission - click on "submit your inquiry here" 

by you
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