june 6 - 10, 2022

semester within.

key words about this experience:


about the program.

dedicate 25+ hours in just 5 days of your life to seek out some of the questions

you have or have yet to ask yourself and journey in attempt to answer one or more of them.

each day you will engage in a group 90 minute session led by adrian michael and then

have a dedicated 30 minute 1:1 mentoring session that provides guidance and support.

on the final day you will get the opportunity to share your self study.

program goals.

participants will have a better understanding of their communication style.

participants will have a better understanding on how to communicate effectively.

participants will have a better understanding of their boundaries with self and others.

participants will have a better understanding of how to hold themselves accountable.

participants will have a better understanding of their responsibility in life.

the intention of the live sessions is to provide practical tools and activities

to be used during and after semester within. as part of your life practice.

tentative schedule.

mon. june 6 - what do you want to know about you // how to better communicate with yourself.

tues. june 7 - what is this season of your life called // how to identify your communication style.

weds. june 8 - what is holding you back from you // how to set boundaries.

thurs. june 9 - what is your responsibility // how to define yourself.

fri. june 10 - what is your story // how to become the best version of you.



10am-11:30am pst each day (live sessions) - 90 minutes

1:1 mentoring sessions - 30 minutes

independent study each day - 2-3 hours, strongly suggested

4-5 hours in total/day commitment


258 USD

why semester within.


why not. how often do you spend intentional time wondering and working on you and your wellbeing. too often you're told to go abroad to find yourself when all you have to do is stay where you are and look deep within.

ready to semester within.?

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