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Creativity, curiosity, connection - these are the three "c"s that are most important to me. I am currently teaching acting & creative writing in a rural Minnesota public high school, running a school library, and coordinating a school-wide Advisory program. I am working on my principal license because I want to be a part of tearing down a system of oppression and building something with love and human-ness at the center. Therefore, I aim to be a Rebel Leader in public education. “Rebel leaders are people who break rules that should be broken. They break rules that hold them and others back, and their way of rule breaking is constructive rather than destructive,” (Francesca Gino, Rebel Talent, 2019). Rebel leaders make inequities visible; disrupt discourse, practices, and policies that perpetuate harm; and create new ways to engage and co-design with our communities so that each of us and our children can develop, thrive, and experience a sense of belonging.

When I'm not teaching you will likely find me experimenting in the kitchen, looking for wild mushrooms in the woods with my muppety-dog Ludo, exploring new places to meet new people, dancing, spinning wool from my neighbor's sheep, and drinking really hoppy beer.

Amy Sparks

Amy Sparks

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