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the prequel to he was taught to be this way.


personal reflections from childhood, adolescence and adulthood, this collection takes you on an inward journey and encourages you to sift through and explore your own relationships and lessons you've gathered through a four-part framework that meets you where you are to offer unconditional love. comfort. salve. and a sense of belonging. as mentioned in HWTII: we are all healing from someone. and this book is your gentle invitation to lean into your past. unpack what may be holding you back. bring to light the joys and gems in your life. and take steps towards the better version of you.


loaded with over 155 insights mixed with learning and unlearnings. experiences. and resources as guide you'll also find 120 guided questions to sit with and explore further on your path of self-acceptance. growth. love. and healing.


in HWTII you will stumble across stories. essays. lists. prose. poems. unpoems. thoughts. responses. and tools to encourage engagement and curiosity about what it means to be you. although this series is from the lens of masculinity it is for anyone interested in humanity and being a better person for yourself and others.


in HWTII you will find notes on dealing with loss, divorce, miscarriage, sex education, modern technology, patriarchy, feminism, what it means to be a man, vulnerability, grief, heartbreak, dad privilege, male privilege, relationship advice, mental health, forgiveness, love, and more.  


HWTII is adrian michael's 21st self-published title.


171 pages.

[signed copy] he was taught to be this way. II


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