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12 meaningful questions to ask and be asked during the holiday season.

to go deeper with the ones you care about and love.

any time of year when you have been away from family can be beautiful and difficult. and there is something about the holiday season in particular that amps emotions even higher. these are opportunities to bring you closer if you're a bit more intentional with how you connect with one another.

instead of asking things that drive you further away, ask meaningful, inclusive questions that deepen your relationships.

what is one thing you are most proud of.

what lessons did you uncover this year.

what moments most inspired you.

what values were tested and revised.

what brought you authentic joy.

what unpopular opinions pushed your thinking.

who reminded you to pause and rest.

how is your person and their people.

how are you really doing.

how is your heart.

how can i support you.

how can i water you better.

the point of asking questions isn't to hear what you want to hear.

the point of asking questions is to hear what they have to say.

the 12 offered here are just starting points to be in addition to what you are curious about. make room for the person you are asking to feel as if your open ended inquiries aren't targeted or pointed. you never know what changes or challenges they are going through. avoid making assumptions. use the time you have with them to practice thoughtfulness and if you don't understand or agree with what they share do some wondering and self reflection about that afterwards.

to see and share the original post with all 12 questions click here.


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